Flatland Reflection – Due Monday, Nov. 24

Please post a reflection here, on the blog as a comment, a paragraph reflection, which should include your impressions of the film, Flatland.   Lastly, please identify the message/moral/lesson that the film tries to convey.

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7 thoughts on “Flatland Reflection – Due Monday, Nov. 24

  1. I thought the movie was pretty interesting. It was hard to watch at first because it didn’t have the third dimension, but I got used to it. I think one of the morals/lessons is that there is more to the world and the universe than what we know of. I also think that one of the less prominent lessons was that you can be whatever you want to be, just like when the square and the hexagon know more about the dimensions than the circles. I think this shows in the lesson because the circles tell the other shapes that they can’t do anything and that they will never be smart.

  2. I thought the film was going to be lame and boring because the characters were shapes, but I ended up liking it. I thought it was cute and interesting. The moral of the story was to believe in something that you can not see and if you don’t find it immediately, keep trying. The movie teaches you to be logical and always thinking. It taught a very valuable lesson.

  3. I thought that Flatlands was an okay movie. It conveyed the message of the ability of multiple dimensions well, but it was not something I would watch for fun. The characters were really funny, but I think they were meant to be a lot more serious. The animators did a good job on making the differences of Flatland and the 3 dimensional space. It was a good short story that did a nice job conveying the message for younger people to understand.

  4. Not a bad movie, I think the meaning might be something like “There are more things in the world than you can see and that it isn’t only three dimensions.

    1. I think that the point of the movie was that there are some things that you cannot see that are still there. Like the first dimensional line could not see Arthur Square because it could not see above. Or like Arthur could not see the sphere in the third dimension. I think it was a pretty good movie, I probably wouldn’t watch it for pleasure though. I think it was pretty cool how the animators made it look 3D and 4D. Other than that I don’t have much to say. But, decent movie

  5. I like this movie a lot. I thought it started out kind of slow, then once they went into the 1st and 3rd dimension it picked up. I thought it was creative and educational. I think this movie proved that you can do anything you want to do in life. And it doesn’t matter which despotic person is telling you not to, all that matters is if it is right.

  6. I liked the film, but it was also weird. I think that younger people who didn’t know about dimensions would understand this film quite well, especially the part with the king of line land and how he couldn’t see what was above him because he was a one dimensional line and he could only see what was beside him. Also that orbus didnt belive in a fourth dimension even though he kept commenting that the third dimension was so obvious, that it was right in front of them. I think that there was several different morals, one that no matter what you look like or how many sides you have dosent mean your better than them. Two, you can easly say things that you already know are true but disregaurd things that other people say you didnt know. Three, there things that exist that you cant see or feel.

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